A brief overview of the book's 11 chapters

This book offers the first-ever "how to" roadmap for managers on the comprehensive implementation of strategic Community Involvement inside their companies. It is designed to be practical - for those who want to act upon what they have read. It will fill a long-neglected niche as a day-to-day reference guide for practitioners. "Corporate Community Involvement" demonstrates what to do and how to do it. Get a first impression from these chapter summaries. 

Chapter 1 - How to develop the right Community Involvement strategy

A Community Involvement strategy defines the long-term direction and systematic action required to achieve a company’s goals in meeting both the needs of its communities and achieving business objectives. In short, a Community Involvement strategy is a three- to five-year, ‘how to get there’ plan. read summary

Chapter 2 - Company roles, responsibilities, and skills in Community Involvement

A number of different departments can run Community Involvement, including Communications, Marketing, HR, Corporate Responsibility, Public Affairs, Business Development. All will bring value to the business, however, none are without potential shortcomings. Be aware of what these may be and have plans to address them. read summary

Chapter 3 - 'How much does it cost?' How to budget for Corporate Community Involvement

When looking at your company’s community expenditure, consider it from both the holistic perspective of what the entire company spends – this is what you will need to report to your stakeholders; and from the operational view – when you are running a team or department responsible for Community Involvement. read summary

Chapter 4 - How to manage Corporate Giving, foundations, and disaster relief

When we talk about Corporate Giving, we mean the basics – giving money to charity, not doing much else and expecting little in return. For many companies this was the history of their community engagement. read summary

Chapter 5 - Integrating Community Involvement into your core business: How to work with Operations, Marketing, and HR

If you want to achieve leadership for your company’s Community Involvement activities, it is critical to integrate Community Involvement into all parts of your business. read summary

Chapter 6 - Make it stand out: How to create and implement leading Community Involvement programs

This chapter is the heart of the book, as it will be your flagship Community Involvement programs that will have the biggest societal impact and will win you the most stakeholder recognition.

It is no accident that this chapter is at the center of the book – a lot of what you need to create and implement for leading Community Involvement programs is covered in the chapters before and after this one. read summary

Chapter 7 - How to manage cross-sector collaboration

This chapter will help you work well with community partners, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government, international agencies, and academic institutions. read summary  buy chapter online as pdf download

Chapter 8 - The power of Employee Involvement

Employee Involvement is a ‘triple win’ for employees, communities, and the company.  It provides communities with much-needed help, motivates employees in their day-to-day work, and increases corporate image and reputation. It can also be activated as a strategic HR tool.  This chapter tells you how, beginning with an inspiring interview with Thomas Baumeister, VP Corporate Volunteering, Region Germany, at Deutsche Bank. read summary

Chapter 9 - 'You can't manage what you don't measure': How to measure, evaluate, and report Community Involvement

In this chapter, we will engage first of all with the measurement and evaluation of Community Involvement, and will then turn to how you report your results. read summary

Chapter 10 - 'But why haven’t we heard about this before?' Communicating your Community Involvement effectively

The best-practice advice and recommendations of this chapter will help you communicate the positive results of your Corporate Community Involvement to get the most out of it for the benefit of your company’s reputation. read summary

Chapter 11 - 'I knew it would be worthwhile': Overcoming challenges and instigating change

It is important for Community Involvement managers to understand change and work with it. Change is the one constant in life accompanying both individuals and organizations, and adapting to change is business-essential to companies. read summary