Veronica Scheubel

originally came from Marketing at Nokia and then built up and managed Nokia’s global Community Involvement program in more than 20 countries, including global external and internal stakeholder communications and engagement; cause-related marketing activities; program evaluation and reporting; and capacity building within a global partnership network. Before joining the corporate world, Veronica worked with a number of non-profit organizations in Canada. After leaving Nokia, she acquired a Master’s degree in Organization Consulting. Now a self-employed consultant, trainer, and coach and a fellow of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability, one focus of her work is on Corporate Responsibility and Organisation Sustainability as a strategic, integrated way of doing business and a catalyst for organizational change and transformation.  

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Nick Lakin

a law graduate, worked in Corporate Communications for over ten years, leading external and internal relations. He was then asked to set up the global Community Involvement practice at E.ON, one of the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas companies, operating in over 25 markets, including the US, Russia, and a number of European countries. At the time of publishing, he was Vice President, Marketplace & Community, at E.ON AG. It was while here that he saw the difficulties organizations experience in deciding what they should and should not do in the communities where they operate and the importance of inspiring and motivating employees in every part of the business to bring Community Involvement to life.

Nick is now Head of Corporate Responsibility and Commercial Communications at Molson Coors Brewing (UK) Ltd.

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